Our approach to the University’s strategy to ensure quality takes into account the following philosophy: 

  1. That a focus to continuous improvement helps us to better achieve our Webster Mission and Vision, 
  2. That quality processes are integral for a sustainable university and campus, 
  3. That all members of the Webster community (each function, academic or administrative) and each group of stakeholders can contribute to quality improvements over time, and 
  4. That we demonstrate our commitment to report the aspirations and impact of quality improvement systems over time (with results communicated and made public). 

Our aspiration is to grow this culture of quality for a positive impact on our teaching and research, on our operations as a University and on the life cycle of each student’s experience.


Across our activities, from our academic programs, research and teaching initiatives to co-curricular programming and support services, we ensure that the institution focuses its attention on our primary Mission, to ensure high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

To that end, our quality assurance strategy monitors five core dimensions and that help to ensure a world-class education:

  1. Diversity of international student profiles,
  2. Individual student progression through our curricula and degree programs,
  3. Skills acquisition for students’ professional growth and post-degree career success,
  4. Qualifications of our faculty, their research activities and contributions toward a culture of advancing (creating) knowledge,
  5. Students’ acquisition of a broad set of knowledge and competencies, through the Liberal Arts tradition, that fosters global citizenship

In addition, we commit to continuously improve in areas regarding data protection and enviromental sustainability, and to report our progress in these domains.


Webster University Geneva has consolidated our various campus processes into a system that includes cycles of planning to identify objectives for improvement, to implement any necessary policies or procedures to meet the objectives, to assess/publish the results and to determine changes needed for improvement.

We commit to share and publish our objectives and results of each cycle of these activities.

Our quality system now consolidates many controls, policies and procedures that have helped to ensure quality at the University over many years.  Our systems already ensure that, for example:

  • Webster verifies each student’s academic credentials and assesses the applicants’ overall preparedness for university-level course work as part of our admissions process
  • Our university’s hiring process ensures academically-qualified professors (amongst both full-time and adjunct faculty) and high-quality administrative staff
  • Our academic procedures include a departmental review for each course syllabus before courses are delivered, so that courses meet the designated learning outcomes as prescribed in the curriculum
  • Students participate through feedback mechanisms into the quality assurance process, by providing course evaluations and through participation in activities that ensure the Student Voice is represented
  • The University’s academic advising and degree audit system ensure that those who are graduating have fully completed and successfully met all criteria for their designated curriculum
  • The university supports students’ co-curricular professional development, tracks post-degree career success (academic and/or professional) and publishes results

Updates on the 2021-22 Academic Year will be published soon on this website.  Stay tuned here!