Cathy Nicholson

Dr Cathy Nicholson


PhD (London School of Economics & Political Science)

Research Fellow,
Department of Psychology & Professional Counseling

Dr Cathy Nicholson is a Fellow of the London School of Economics (LSE) in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science. Her main interests focus on the dynamics of intergroup conflict to examine the social, cultural and political contexts from where individuals representing their groups are embedded. The role of individual and collective memories, for example, can remain a potent barrier to effect social change, yet can also act as frameworks to explore deep seated belief systems that hold the possibility of shifting over time. What is remembered is not a slice of reality from the past but an interpretation of that reality that shifts over time depending on the present context. By exploring how individuals represent their perceived positioning to both themselves and the other, we can learn how intergroup contact, for example, can both act as a hindrance and a help for more meaningful conversations concerning future relationships. Cathy is Associate Editor for Papers on Social Representations, an open journal available to all.