MA Communications Management

The Next Step in Your Communications Career

MA Communications Management

The Master of Arts (MA) degree in Communications Management is intended for aspiring young professionals or mid-career managers currently working in or transitioning to a communications-related field. It is relevant for those who are seeking a catalyst to higher managerial responsibilities or those seeking to reorient their career.

For forward-looking communications professionals, this degree is a necessity. In today’s media-driven, information-and service based economies, strategic communications touches upon nearly every function that drives organizational success. Communication strategies are critical to ensure effectiveness, whether in an internal organizational restructuring or for public advocacy campaigns. Yet most master’s programs either prepare candidates with technical media skills or with a purely b-school approach in a management-based curriculum.

This MA is designed to include courses from both Media Communications and Business Management, to bridge the gap between these approaches, creating a distinctive profile for graduates entering or advancing in the job market.



  • 14-month course (full-time)/ option to study part-time
  • Combines communication and management skills
  • English language program in multicultural environment: earn a US-accredited degree in Global Geneva
  • Work whilst you study
  • Customise your MA to support your career goals
  • Flexible program (choice of start dates; remote or in person classes)
  • Personalised education (small, interactive classes, mentoring and networking opportunities)
  • Scholarships and financial aid available

Curriculum & Faculty

Master of Arts in Communications Management

The combination of courses designed for this MA allows students to expand their area of expertise and improve their employability in different sectors, including roles that use marketing & communication technologies, either to manage social media tools in branding support for a product or service, to enhance non-profit organizational positioning to clients, or even for fundraising campaigns—while building a cross-functional set of skills for internal communications or external public relations activities.

Full-time students take two classes per term whereas part-time students take one class per term. Students can shift between full- and part-time study. This unique structure gives candidates the opportunity to tailor the program to their personal and professional schedules.

Our core courses provide you with the tools to understand the rapidly changing media landscape. You will learn about communication processes and explore the strategical, human and ethical implications of the latest digital media and emerging technologies. These courses also build critical management skills linking theory with practical exercises and hands-on project work.

  • Media Communications: Understanding the 21st Century Media Landscape
  • Media & Culture: Emerging Technologies
  • Media Organization & Regulation
  • Media Production Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Seminar in Media Communication

Our MA allows you to tailor your degree according to your career goals and passions. You can opt to follow courses in business and management, as well as in psychology and counselling to enhance your emotional and social intelligence and interpersonal communication skills. Sample electives include:

Business & Management

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Institutions and Financial Markets
  • Organizational Development
  • Market Analysis and Business Planning

Psychology & Counseling

  • Foundations of Counseling
  • Lifestyle and Career Counseling
  • Human Growth and Development

The Faculty teaching our core courses combine academic excellence with ongoing professional practice and experience in relevant fields:

Ed BOON,  PhD Marketing. Lecturer, Webster University Geneva. Marketing consultant and researcher specialized in e-commerce and consumer behaviour.
Nicoletta IACOBACCI,  PhD Communication & Media, Adjunct Professor, Webster University Geneva. Visiting Professor at Jinan University, China. Digital Humanities Scholar & Emerging Media Expert.
Kasia JAGODZINSKA,  PhD International Law and Legal Studies. Adunct Professor, Webster University Geneva. International Negotiation Consultant and Founder of Negotiation Booster. Senior Advisor to the UN.
Sarah GROSSO,   PhD Anthropology, Faculty & Researcher, Lead Professor, MA in Communications Management, Webster University Geneva. International Consultant in Gender and Communication.
Glenn O'NEIL,   PhD in social research and methodology from the London School of Economics and an Executive Masters in Communications Management. 

Faculty teaching on key elective courses include:


Our flexible program allows you to pursue work or internship opportunities in the major corporations and international organisations based in Geneva whilst you study.

Examples of internships our students have undertaken have included:

  • Intern, Marketing and Membership Outreach, International Telecommunication Union, Geneva
  • Communication & Advocacy, Intern, Universal Periodic Review, Human Rights Council, United Nations, Geneva
  • Social Media Intern, World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva
  • PR Intern – “Social Media Guru”, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Saudi Arabia
  • Research Assistant, Research Project Representations of the COVID-19 pandemic on social media (Reddit), Webster University Geneva
Sarah Grosso
Message from the Lead Professor

“Companies and organisations need people who are communication chameleons: professionals who can adapt to and thrive in this changing environment to communicate effectively and strategically.”

Sarah Grosso
Our MA in Communications Management enables you to hone these vital communication and management skills. Drawing on their expertise and professional experience, our dedicated faculty give you the tools to understand the digital media landscape and create and implement effective communication strategies, whether for corporations, international organisations or NGOs.Sarah Grosso - Lead Professor, MA in Communications Management

Maria Pyatakova
Alumni Success - Maria Pyatakova

“Completing my studies at Webster University Geneva was a great experience, which provided me with the necessary skills for my future career.”

Maria Pyatakova
The Communications Management program allowed me to get a feeling of what it would really be like to work in the media industry, and the curriculum was focused on the professional skills that I needed, as well as providing me with practical opportunities.

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