MA in Management and Leadership at Webster University Geneva

Succeed as a Strategic Leader

MA in Management and Leadership at Webster University Geneva

Not all managers are leaders--yet the most effective managers often rise to senior leadership roles.  The most advanced among them will not only drive success for their own company, but influence the landscape of an entire industry.  This requires a dedication to excellence, a commitment to learning and to being at the forefront of business trends.

Our program will equip you with an understanding of global business practices, the capacity for innovative thinking and the motivational skills needed not just to manage people but to rally them behind you. Our professors will help to amplify your abilities for developing solutions to complex problems and situations. You will understand how to analyze industry trends and their impact on your organization as well as to anticipate, plan, and execute organizational change.

Curriculum, Accreditation & Faculty

Master of Arts in Management and Leadership

Start your MA at one of five different entry dates throughout the year. The program is made up of 7 core courses, 4 electives and a capstone experience. Each course takes place one evening per week over an eight week term period. Our WebNet+ technology also provides for remote attendance of some classes.

Full-time students take two classes per term whereas part-time students take one class per term. Students can shift between full- and part-time study. This unique structure gives candidates the opportunity to tailor the program to their personal and professional schedules.

Webster University carries full institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Students at Webster University Geneva therefore earn the same degree that is awarded in the United States. 

In addition, our Business and Management programs offered by the Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University Geneva are accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). 


Organizational Behavior 
Managing Human Resources 
Basic Finance for Managers 
Management and Strategy 
Managerial Leadership 
Organization Development and Change

Technology and Innovation Management
Trends like the emergence of new innovation hubs, from India to South Korea, and the penetration of technology into low-tech business sectors bring added complexity for the proper management of technology.  This course provides non-IT managers with knowledge of the main conceptual frameworks and practical tools related to understanding the technology and management interface.  It builds awareness of global trends and the critical skill set needed for managing the dynamics of technological change.  A special emphasis is placed on developing key attitudes and behaviors that foster creative and imaginative solutions. 

The Webster Edge
A unique holistic and interdisciplinary professional and personal development program. It complements the fundamental business education with the soft skills required to succeed in the future workplace and meet personal goals in life. Using a unique mix of personal coaching and advisory, workshops, seminars, simulations, and expert guest lectures, the program integrates structured career management into the MA in M&L. It helps students develop skills to approach and solve complex problems, prioritize, manage stress and other emotions, develop networks and be adaptable and resilient. It also provides students with a portfolio of professional tools for international negotiations, entrepreneurship, change management, effective leadership, effective intercultural communication, and innovative thinking. 

Doing Business in/with China
Re-emergence of China has been the most important geopolitical fact of the last twenty years. China’ s ubiquity in business issues implies that everyone has or will have a competitor, a supplier, a customer or a boss who is Chinese. This seminar starts in Geneva with a condensed introductory module, and is followed by a one week seminar on the Shanghainese Webster campus. This location makes for the perfect host to connect with the Chinese economy.

Dr. Dominque Jolly
Message from the Chair

“Our Master in Management and Leadership is designed for future business managers who consider that people are the key resource in organizations.”

Dr. Dominque Jolly
You might have the best strategy, a distinctive technology, incredible commercial networks, or unlimited financial resources, but nothing will be accomplished if teams are not fully committed.

Our multicultural campus – with 80 nationalities represented, is also the right place to learn how to deal within a globalized working environment. Our small classes enable rich and fruitful interactions between selected participants. Our research professors are complemented by practitioners who are each highly experienced experts from their respective sector or industry. Finally, our special emphasis on digital transformation and creativity puts us at the cutting edge of the new society. Join us for an academic journey as you learn more about how the people around you--and your own potential to lead them — can become your most important assets.

Dr. Dominique Jolly - Chair, Walker School of Business & Technology
Rilind Bytyqi
Alumni Success - Rilind Bytyqi

“Offering real life and meaningful internship opportunities during my studies was crucial in building the core pillars of professional success”

Rilind Bytyqi
“Having completed my bachelor degree, marketing certificate and the minor studies in psychology, continuing my graduate level studies was a no brainer in parallel to my full time work commitments. Not only was I able to use the graduate studies platform to help my professional undertakings on the other side, but further my expertise and specialize in areas of strong interest to me, that is global business development, partnerships management, leadership and innovation.”

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