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Welcome to the Office of the Registrar, where you will find resources and answers to your questions about class registration, transcripts, diplomas, and more.

As a current student, you will need to go to the Registrar’s office to register for courses, when you wish to drop, add, or withdraw from a course, and when you need a formal certificate or an attestation.  The Registrar’s office is also a point of contact for any questions related to attendance issues, student residency permits, transcript requests, and the petition to graduate.

Registrar's Office Information


To register for courses, students must contact the academic advisor after clearance of any outstanding financial obligations. No registration form for Directed Studies, Reading Courses, Internships/Practicum or Thesis will be processed by the Registrar’s office without completion of all appropriate forms. All registration formalities should be completed by the start of the term/semester. Students who have not completed registration formalities are not allowed to attend class. Continuing students are required to enroll for the next semester before the end of the current semester.

Registration into courses is done on a first come first served basis. Some courses get full very quickly, and some may be rescheduled if enrollment is low, so it is strongly recommended to register for the upcoming term/semester as early as possible. If registration formalities are not completed on time, the student may be registered into courses by an academic advisor. It remains the student’s responsibility to verify the degree requirements and to contact the academic advisor for changes before the term begins.


As a general rule, students are expected to attend all class sessions of every course. In case of unavoidable absences, the student must contact the professor. Absences due to illness must be reported to the Academic office and to the Registrar’s office supported by a medical certificate. This is imperative in the case of foreign students who are in Switzerland for study purposes and hold a student residence permit.


Students may add or drop a course with the approval of their academic advisor. They may add courses by Friday of the first week of the term – with the written permission from the professor if courses have begun – and drop classes by Friday of the first week of the term.  Students who do not contact their academic advisor or submit signed drop/add forms by the deadline will be graded and charged according to their registration on file at the end of the official drop/add period. Merely informing the professor of the intent to drop a class or not attending a class will not constitute an official change in registration.


Students may withdraw from courses after the official drop/add period with the approval of their academic advisor. Students may withdraw from courses up to and including Friday of the sixth week of an eight-week course and the Friday of the twelfth week of a semester course. To withdraw, a student must submit a withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office signed by an academic advisor. Students who do not submit signed withdrawal forms by the deadline will be graded and charged according to their registration on file at the end of the official withdrawal period. Merely informing the professor of the intent to withdraw a class or stop attending a class will not constitute an official withdrawal. All withdrawal forms must be presented to the Business Office before taken to the Registrar’s office. Only forms stamped by the Business Office will be processed.

Non-Swiss students are required to obtain a student residence permit from the appropriate Swiss cantonal authorities. Students on a resident permit must maintain full time status. To be classified full time, a student must register for a minimum of two courses (6 credits hours) per term. Registration for at least ten courses (30 credit hours) per academic year and attendance in all class sessions are required. Students leaving the University or changing address should inform the Swiss Cantonal authorities.

Permits provided in the context of studying at Webster are student resident permits and shall not guarantee any authorization to work. Work permit process and limitations are part of a separate process approved on a case by case basis by Swiss authorities.

Certificates & Attestations

The Certificate of Enrollment is an official document stating that you are an active student for the current term. Therefore, Certificates will only be issued to students who are currently enrolled and regularly attending courses.

 Attestations for current students to extend their resident permits will be issued after the third week of term. This is to ensure that they are registered for the minimum of 12 credit hours per semester required by the Swiss Cantonal authorities. This does not apply to students who are newly admitted and need to apply for a resident permit.  Students on student resident permits must maintain full-time student status by having registered into a minimum of four courses per semester before applying for an attestation (two courses per term for Graduate students).

To request a Certificate or an Attestation, please sign up at the Registrar’s office. Upon student account clearance, the document will be issued within three working days. If you have a "hold" on your records due to outstanding financial obligations, your certificate/attestation will not be issued and you will need to contact the business office.

Additional information for new students can be found on the admissions pages:

Transcript requests are processed by the campus on St. Louis. Details can be found here.

Replacement or duplicate diploma or ceritifcate requests are processed by the campus in St. Louis. Details can be found here.

Graduation is a term used when all academic requirements have been met and a degree has been awarded. Commencement is a ceremony to honor students who have met graduation requirements and students who anticipate fulfilling graduation requirements by the end of the following term. Participation in the Commencement Ceremony does not guarantee graduation.

Petitions to graduate

Petition to graduate is a necessary step you must take before you can graduate. You must submit a petition to graduate in order for your degree to be formally awarded and to receive your diploma.  Students are responsible for monitoring their own progress toward degree completion and for meeting all graduation requirements.

Prior to the beginning of their final semester students are strongly encouraged to contact their academic advisor and initiate graduation formalities. All students petition to graduate online by filling out the petition to graduate form through their Connections login, in the student academic services section. If graduation requirements are not met by the end of the expected graduation term, the student must submit a new petition for the next appropriate term/semester.


Diplomas are dispatched by Webster University, St. Louis to the Geneva campus approximately 10-12 weeks after the official date of graduation. They are checked by the Geneva Business Office, and diplomas pertaining to students with outstanding dues or books on loan from the library are placed on “hold “. They are released when dues have been paid.  All diplomas are sent to student’s address by courier.

Commencement Ceremony

The main commencement ceremony is held in Geneva once a year, usually on the Saturday after the end of the spring 2 term. 

Contact the Registrar’s office :

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Heidi Amores
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