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Digital Marketing Management | Webster University Geneva

Embark on a personal digital transformation journey that will take your career to the next level. Develop your project management and digital marketing skillset, learn to work with marketing automation, understand the GDPR framework and discover the most recent breakthroughs in digital management.

The Digital Marketing Management program combines state of art developments in academic theory and business practice. It is delivered by recognized experts in their respective fields. The program provides a learning platform for all those who want to acquire new skills that will increase their employability, thus securing their career in the long run. Take advantage of our university’s extensive experience with online learning, that makes us a leader in remote teaching solutions. Attend the courses from the comfort of your home or while you are traveling.

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Program Details

Six Course Sequence

The Certificate in Digital Marketing Management is an interactive, multifaceted program.  Each course of the Certificate (6 total) is comprised of 36 credit hours of activities which include lectures, workshops, group projects and other training formats delivered outside regular workday hours.

The overall program (6 courses) is divided into three modules of two courses each.  Courses can be followed on campus or remotely. This curriculum will extend your knowledge, creativity, beyond the box thinking thanks to its hands-on approach and therefore aims at increasing your employability.

Content Delivery & Duration

Each module lasts about 8 weeks.  Classes are delivered on a series of weekday evenings, plus two Saturdays per module for in-class activities.  See module dates in our brochure.

Equivalent to a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

In the American system, this Graduate Certificate of 18 U.S credits is equivalent to 36 ECTS credits, comparable to a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in the Swiss Higher Education System.

Validation of Learning

Upon successful completion of each module, participants will earn an Attestation of Completion from the Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University Geneva. The Graduate Certificate is awarded after the completion of the third module.


A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required for admission.  Candidates must meet the standard requirements for graduate-level course work at Webster University Geneva.  As classes are given in English, all applicants must meet Webster's English language requirements (full admissions details here online).

Program Fees

Graduate Certificate rate for 2021-22:  CHF 11,340 (equivalent to CHF 630 per credit hour, in the U.S. system)

Each module is invoiced individually (CHF 3,780 each), with payment due before the first day when courses begin.

Media and Digital Culture: Dr. Glenn O’Neil

The course will provide insights into the role of the digital media and its impact on individuals, businesses and society. Through analyzing the content, formats, channels and technology of digital media, understanding and know-how will be gained in order to face the challenges of digital transformation, big data and the modern work environment. The course will provide both strategic level information in addition to practical implications of day-to-day interactions with digital media and its impact on business today as traditional media evolves into new, participatory and interactive format.

Management of Digital Marketing: Dr. Edward Boon

This introductory course examines how digital marketing strategy is developed and implemented, with particular emphasis on the digital marketing planning process, integration of digital marketing in the overall marketing strategy, the available digital marketing channels (including search engine marketing, social media, video, mobile, e-mail, viral marketing and content marketing), the impact of digital technology and digital transformation on marketing strategy, and ethics in digital marketing.

Management of Social Media: Dr. Nicoletta Iacobacci

Participants examine the latest digital communication trends, discover tactical and strategic processes, plan goals and create a vision for a successful digital communication strategy. Emphasis is placed on emerging media, including new formats, transmedia, technologies and digital cultures, such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and digital humans.

Marketing Analytics: Dr. Kavé Salamatian

The digital revolution is storming all dimensions of business activities, and in particular marketing. The aim of this is course is to present a systematic study of digital marketing tools, e.g., social mediums such as Adwords, and to describe analytic tools that can be used to develop and monitor efficient marketing campaign leveraging on data. This course will prepare individuals who (1) aim into leveraging the competitive advantages leveraged by analytics in marketing: (2) need to have a deeper understanding of the available tools, and the advantages and limitations of each; and (3) want to apply these tools, use their outcomes and apply them to assist business decisions.

Promotional Management: Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska

This course examines the use of all available promotional modes and channels to communicate to potential customers the messages that support reaching the objectives of the business plan. Specific focus is applied to personal branding and selling, image design, perception management and differentiated value perceptions in relation to the competitors, impression management techniques, as well as communication in a global and multicultural business environment. Participants will gain practical insights and tips on how to build, promote and manage a business brand. They will use existing real-life business cases as a source of inspiration and set up a mock business promotion campaign.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Dr.Edward Boon

This course integrates the skills and knowledge that were acquired in the first two modules of the program. Participants who complete this course will have comprehensive knowledge of the development of a digital marketing strategy that is aligned with larger marketing objectives. They will also have the experience to select and optimize each element of the digital marketing mix (including search marketing, social media and mobile), which they will demonstrate in an extensive course project.

Dr. Nicoletta Iacobacci
Learn from World Class Faculty

“Digital Marketing courses at Webster University Geneva are a mindopening experience for all those who want to achieve digital excellence. The program empowers students to manage modern marketing with confidence, uncover how emerging technologies will make a lasting impact on communication and ultimately explore the newest trends for an unbeatable digital strategy.”

Dr. Nicoletta Iacobacci

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