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Our New Focus: Value Creation

MBA Webster University Geneva

The successful business organization correctly identifies and efficiently manages those activities with the potential to generate the greatest possible value, congruent with the overall organizational direction, and the needs of clients or markets they serve.

Webster’s new MBA curriculum, launched in Fall 2020 (see brochure), takes the Value Creation paradigm as a guiding principle to drive program content.

MBA Value Creation

The program also acknowledges the paramount importance of quality business leaders for the ongoing sustainability of the business enterprise; so the program will concurrently address competencies needed for your personal effectiveness that are aligned with professional success.

Courses build the capacity for critical thinking and creative problem-solving, including the latest concepts in design thinking--each of which are imperative for managers in the current global business landscape.


More About Our MBA in Value Creation

The MBA is a 12-course sequence, delivered by a combination of research professors and practitioners who are at the forefront of their field in areas ranging from organizational behavior and behavioral finance to strategic management and leadership.

Courses are delivered on weekday evenings, and each course runs for an 8-week term (ie, for a half-semester).  Webster offers five such terms per year (Fall 1 and Fall 2, Spring 1 and Spring 2 and one 8-week Summer term).

This allows busy professionals to attend, and for those who may be seeking employment or internships to keep an open daytime schedule.

Each week includes an online session prep in a 'flipped classroom' model.  So, students arrive to class with an understanding of the basic principles and concepts and our professors can maximize the shared classroom time discussing applications of these concepts, case examples, etc. 

Students commit to a study pace of two nights per week (standard full-time) or one night per week (part-time), based on their work and family commitments.

Admissions for the upcoming 2021-22 Academic Year will be available for starting in our Fall semester (begins in late August) and Spring semester (begins in mid- January).  Depending on your prior learning and waivers, there may also be options to begin with courses during other entry dates in October 2021 or March 2022.

Webster University carries both American accreditation as a university (institution-wide), as well as a specific ACBSP accreditation for our business programs, which ensures the long-term recognition of your degree around the globe (see also our accreditations page).

The following are required courses in the MBA Degree:

Foundation courses (4)

• Business 5000 *
• Value Creation
• Quantitative Methods for the MBA
• Marketing Analysis and Business Planning

Value Creation (CORE) Components (5)

• Adding Value through Human Capital
• The Financial Value of Capital Projects
• Providing Value to Customers
• The Supply Chain and Business Processes
• Information Support for Decision Making

Value Creation in Practice (2):

• Cases in Value Creation
• Walker Consulting Project


The program includes a minmum of one course elective.  See Electives & Options, below.

* Waivers for this courses may be granted for those who have AACSCB-accredited bachelor degrees (students will choose an alternate/elective course in such a case).

Students with a non-accredited business degree may request to take a waiver exam for ‘Business 5000’ (if successful, the student would replace hours with an elective).

All students pursue a minimum of one elective.  Those who were granted waivers may use their elective hours to for a variety of electives, including:

•The Leadership Edge

• Academic Internships

• Elective courses in Finance

• Courses from the Management and Leadership curriculum

Requirements for an area of emphasis in Finance in the MBA program include the MBA required coursework plus additional course requirements (as identified in the University catalog at the time of enrollment).
Dr. Attila Shelly
Message from the Program Director

“Our unique value creation approach to developing the future business professional emphasizes critical and creative thinking, analytical and quantitative skills, entrepreneurship, as well as complex decision-making abilities.”

Dr. Attila Shelly
In addition to the core courses, we also offer electives in fields such as communications, computer science and international relations, to gain insights into the latest advancements in these increasingly relevant disciplines. The courses are taught by highly experienced faculty with deep business and industry expertise, ensuring that the students develop skills, knowledge and abilities which are sought after in today’s corporate as well as non-profit world.Dr. Attila Shelley - MBA Program Director

Webster MBA graduates have been employed by companies & organizations including:

Credit Suisse
Thompson Reuters

ST Microelectronics
Cargill International
Logitech Europe

Julius Baer & Co
Deutsche Bank

Ellissa Koch
Alumni Success - ELLISSA KOCH

“I wasn’t a typical business student applicant on paper.”

Ellissa Koch
I have a BA in Rhetoric and had never taken a finance class, but they looked at my practical experience in addition to my schooling and had the faith in me to let me prove myself. Studying in Geneva opened my eyes to looking at problems from a bigger perspective. Having classmates from around the world was truly beneficial because it blended so many different cultures and personalities, and forced you to learn how to work together. My internship at Crescendo Capital helped me to apply the knowledge I had learned in a practical setting and focus on discovering where my skills could be best used, and developing my plans for the future What I will remember most about Webster is learning how to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and helping bring others with me. I studied hard and developed a group of friends that I could bounce around ideas, or study with, or just talk about everyday life.

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